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Corporate Social Responsibility

Singer Asia and its investments are firmly committed to being a good corporate citizen. We have established procedures to help ensure compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and with our Code of Business Conduct with respect to relations with customers, suppliers and fellow employees. We also comply with applicable national and international environmental standards to minimize any impact operations may have on the environment.

While the social responsibility needs of the different communities vary, four of the most common needs are addressed through: donations, support and sponsorship for: (i) the disadvantaged, (ii) the elderly; (iii) medical facilities and, (iv) education and youth. For example, Singer Asia operates 121 sewing schools that provide subsidized training, teaching young ladies to operate sewing machines, awarding graduates qualifications to assist them in securing work in the garment and related industries.

Singer Bangladesh partnered with a local television channel and gave out the KINGBODOTHI award in recognition of exceptional bravery and courage in five different categories: (i) selfless act of bravery at great personal risk to save life or property of others by common people, (ii) extraordinary bravery in preventing crimes while performing official duty by police officers, (iii) valiant effort for the benefit of the society by an individual, (iv) to the handicapped who despite their limitations have performed far beyond the ordinary and (v) to outstanding citizens for their lifetime contribution in the field of social services.