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Stephen H. Goodman (Chairman)

Mr. Goodman was appointed Director and Chairman of the Company in July 2003. Since September 2000, he has been the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Retail Holdings N.V. From the beginning of 1998 through that date, he was a Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Singer. Prior to joining Singer, Mr. Goodman was a Managing Director of Bankers Trust Company.


Gavin Walker
(President and Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director)

Mr. Walker was appointed to these positions in August 2005. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Walker served as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of a number of publicly quoted and private companies in the United Kingdom and in South Africa. Earlier, he had served as Chief Executive Officer of a South African public company that was a multi-brand retailer of electrical appliances and furniture, with operations in 16 African countries and Australia. Mr. Walker is on the boards of all of the principal Singer Asia subsidiaries.


Peter James O'Donnell (Non Executive Director)

Mr. O'Donnell was appointed as a Director of the company in July 2003. He is a Managing Director and co-founder of UCL Asia. He also serves as a director of Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC. Mr. O'Donnell is an alumnus of both Harvard College and Harvard Business School.